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Automated redaction of your documents

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There are times you need to collect tax file numbers, credit card details, and bank details etc., from your clients. But the more data you have, the more risks you face from hacking scams and other security breaches that could lead to data disclosure. So sensitive information should never be stored historically. Our software effortlessly finds, sorts, classifies, and de-identifies personal information from your documents for complete peace of mind.

The true cost of a data breach

3.35 Million Dollars

The average cost per data breach by Australian firms.*


86 Billion Dollars

The cumulative fine total for data breaches in Australia.*

*CSO Australia

222 Million People

The number of individuals affected by Australian data breaches.*


Why you need Redact

100% confidence in your data management

Does your firm have an unknown number of documents containing sensitive information?

It takes time and effort to identify forms, convert them to PDF, redact them manually, and scan them back in. Even then, there’s always a risk of human error and a significant chance that something gets missed. Whether it’s hundreds, thousands, or even millions of records you need to review, our software can scan and de-identify sensitive information quickly and accurately to get your system up to date.

No legal or compliance worries

Big data, but without the big problems.

There are various laws and AFSL procedures in place to protect data privacy, but many firms don’t have the necessary set of processes to guarantee compliance… until now. Whether your files are kept on network servers, shared drives, email, cloud storage, or integrated into a System of Record like Xplan, our intelligent technology can identify and redact your documents effortlessly and save them straight back to your preferred location.

Protect your clients against security breaches

Reputable firms take cybersecurity seriously.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to tell your clients that their documents are fully de-identified, safe, and secured in your system, and that they’ll never need to worry about security breaches? Data leaks lead to costly penalties and are damaging to a firm’s reputation. The rise in phishing scams, email hacks, and other cybersecurity breaches leave businesses open to losing or accidentally publishing client information. When you use our state of the art redaction software, this need never be a concern.

How Redact Works

Automatically de-identify all historical documents wherever they are

Redact uses intelligent technology to identify all locations where sensitive information could be stored and scans them to find documents and data sets that need to be de-identified. From there, personal information is deleted, and the files are converted to PDF and saved back to your client record. All metadata is scrubbed, and the original file is deleted so that no trace of the redacted information remains.

Redacting a Tax File Number using Hyperscience

De-risk your data

The privacy commissioner has raised concern over the number of breaches caused by human error. Removing manual processes eliminates the potential for embarrassing mistakes. Our system is easy to use, and the settings allow you to automate redaction by single pages, large multi-page documents, groups of connected documents, or even whole folders.

The power of machine learning

Why waste hours of manpower poring over forms to find the relevant numbers to redact when our advanced machine learning system can do that for you? Financial documentation is often littered with numbers and codes, making efficient identification of key data difficult and open to human error. Our unique algorithm scans your documents and automatically identifies TFN numbers and account details that need to be de-identified – even on handwritten forms.

Full redaction, not masking

Some of the most common methods of redaction are also some of the most inefficient. Examples include masking data with black boxes or changing the font colour to white to match the document background. However, neither of these solutions permanently removes the masked information. They simply hide it in plain sight. Our technology removes all traces of redacted data, providing a more secure and compliant long-term solution.

Metadata protection

It’s all too easy to accidentally disclose information when you’re working with forms that you assume have been correctly redacted, but haven’t. Failure to remove metadata from your documents after redaction is one of the leading causes of data leaks. It can expose the contents of your files, even though the redacted information is no longer visible. Our software scrubs all of your metadata after each action, ensuring no sloppy mistakes that could lead to security breaches.

What can we connect to?

Anywhere that can be accessed remotely is at risk, but we can also connect to anything that can be access remotely.


Google Drive


One drive

Local server

Remote server


Network server

Local hard drive



Shared folders

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