Automated data cleaning solutions

Discover Umlaut’s comprehensive data cleaning solutions and AI redaction software designed to refine and secure your data. Umlaut specialise in enhancing data quality through enrichment, classification and deduplication. Our services focus on reducing risks and ensuring compliance, making your data management safer and more efficient.


Automated redaction software that learns on the job

Upgrade your data security and deduplicate data while removing personal identification information (PII). Enhance governance and compliance and reduce the risk of data breaches with our automated redaction software solutions that harness AI and machine learning to evolve constantly.



Augment your existing security software to reduce exception handling and remove false positives. Our scanning tools lead the market with >99% accuracy.


Security and Compliance

Automatically redact, quarantine, de-identify and restrict sensitive data.



Demonstrating a robust commitment to data security and privacy protection enhances your organisation’s reputation. Be confident at a board level that you are protecting your staff and client data.

Intelligent Cleaning

Umlaut’s intelligent data cleaning solutions streamline data redaction, boosting efficiency and security. We’ll help you achieve compliance with data protection laws, minimise breach risks and enhance your organisational reputation. Our automated, AI and machine learning-driven processes and automated document redaction software solutions are ideal for businesses that manage sensitive data, ensuring thorough and reliable protection.

Automated Redaction Efficiency

Umlaut’s software solutions streamline the process of redacting sensitive information, saving time and ensuring compliance with data protection laws. This automation reduces manual efforts and the risks of human error.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

By automatically redacting sensitive data, our solutions mitigate the risk of data breaches and ensure no traces of redacted data remain. This supports legal and Australian Financial Services Licence compliance and protects against security breaches.

Comprehensive Data Management

Hyperscience outperforms traditional optical character recognition (OCR) solutions by using a single, versatile model for processing handwritten and typed text. This innovative approach enhances scalability and automation by eliminating the need for manual model selection and efficiently handling real-world documents.

Cleaner Cloud Migrations

Don’t just migrate your data – clean it at the same time. We’ll help you clean up legacy data of duplicate and problematic documents before migration. Use analytics and reports to understand which files need your attention and analyse your existing file shares, databases and emails.


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Industry snapshot: why choose Umlaut’s data cleaning solutions?

Umlaut’s data cleaning solutions benefit diverse industries, enhancing efficiency and accuracy and seamlessly integrating existing systems. Find out how automated document redaction software applies to your industry.

Wealth Management

Ensure sensitive client data such as tax file numbers, SSN, NIN, medical data and account details are automatically redacted, ensuring privacy and regulatory compliance.



We help you optimise Xplan and harness the power of intelligent data processing to automate redaction and minimise human error, providing your team with secure, de-identified datasets for analysis.



Ensure your bank protects the personal information of its customers while improving document management efficiency by eliminating the need for manual redaction and automating data retention policies.



Enhance the efficiency and security of handling insurance claims by automating the redaction of sensitive information, reinforcing customer trust through the assured safety of their personal and financial data.



Ensure the confidentiality of sensitive project and financial details with our automated redaction tools, preventing accidental disclosure in shared documents and maintaining information security.



Enhance security and compliance in educational institutions by using automated redaction in document management processes, effectively safeguarding staff, students’ and donors’ personal and sensitive information in records and documents.


Transport and logistics

Boost your security and compliance obligations by automating the redaction of sensitive information, thus blocking unauthorised access to crucial data. Streamline efficiency by reducing the time and resources used in manual redaction processes.



Boost your security and compliance obligations by automating the redaction of sensitive information, thus blocking unauthorised access to crucial data. Streamline efficiency by reducing the time and resources used in manual redaction processes.


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