Analytics driven action

Pinpoint the gaps in your document and data processing workflows, and develop a customised roadmap to get you where you need to be.


Unique solutions for unique businesses

Save time, money and effort with a bespoke data management solution. Over a series of consultations, we’ll discover your unique challenges and needs before mapping out your custom data management solution.

Discover a plan that works

Get a tailored roadmap

You’re not an off-the-shelf company, so why buy an off-the-shelf data management solution? We understand how complex the financial advisory industry is and we’re here to help. We’ll map your current systems, review your roadblocks and discover your unique challenges.

Our strategic review of your data journey analyses your business in-depth before we create your roadmap to data liberation and leverage.

Uncover how your business really works

Processes only work well if they’re simple for everyone. That’s why we speak to people at all levels of your business to discover what’s really happening beyond the official, high-level vision.

We make a point of understanding every aspect of your business, from client onboarding to KYC process flows, so we can generate a roadmap that suits how you actually work. It’s your plan for business success.

Reveal how you work best

We’ve successfully run our Discovery Program in 100's of financial advisory firms and know results don’t happen overnight. That’s why we spend over 16 hours with your team via on-site and remote meetings, screen recordings and shadowing to see how you work.

Then our data experts design your bespoke data management solution. One that will see your productivity soar and your compliance easily achieved.

How does it work?

Each data management solution we design is as unique as the business using it.

Over a series of consultations, our experienced data specialists will map out the data management solution to meet your specific goals, and then roll it out for you too.

We start with an in-depth investigation of your current systems and processes to uncover any gaps. We then analyse your current data management set up before planning your ideal new state. This includes an integrated roadmap detailing how we’ll move you seamlessly from where you are; to where you want to be - with an end goal of full team adoption of the new data management solution.

Be better at your business

Our Discovery Program reviews your business to determine its individual requirements and objectives. From automated workflow to client portals, eForms to centralised document storage, CRMs to simplified KYC process flows - we recommend solutions that solve your unique business problems and help your business flourish.

Evaluate your success

Throughout our Discovery Program, we don’t just deliver roadmap of your ideal data management solution, but we also define the project success criteria. Without those, there’s no way to precisely evaluate the project’s success. Quantifying the criteria gives everyone a clear path to a positive outcome.

Investment for change

We don’t hide the costs. Your data management roadmap clearly lays out the costs of our recommended solutions, whether that be establishment fees, monthly licence fees or the cost of resources. You’ll have the figures you need to run your cost-benefit analysis before you make a decision, with no surprises.

Trusted strategic partner

Having a strategy is great but if you lack the capacity or expertise to implement it, what’s the point? That’s where our Discovery Program is different from others. We don’t just create your tailored data management solution, we manage the implementation and change management for a smoother adoption and uptake.


When we do our discovery we can help you connect…

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A simple and affordable solution to protect your data whilst gaining compliance with ASIC.



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Key Stakeholder Meetings

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