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Control data risk with powerful AI


Scan for all personal or sensitive information securely. No data leaves your network.

Assess risk

Analyze and review discovered data based on individuals, severity and content.


Report, delete, or quarantine suspect personal information.


Keep up with regulations with incremental and scheduled scans.

When to use PII Tools?

Audits & Compliance

Confirm that no sensitive data lives outside designated locations.

  • Perform digital data audits across files, emails, DBs, and the cloud.
  • Comply with legal standards and avoid regulatory penalties.
  • Improve internal processes to protect personal data and mitigate risk.

Breach Investigations

React quickly to identify whose data is affected.

  • Analyze millions of breached files or emails for PII, PCI, and PHI in seconds.
  • Generate detailed, interactive reports about your findings.
  • Use the reports to take actionable steps to prevent data breaches.

Data Migrations

Understand which data requires further action before being migrated.

  • Classify petabytes of legacy data quickly, prior to migrating.
  • Cleanse your storage of duplicate and problematic documents.
  • Move sensitive and personal files to folders with restricted access.

Person Cards

Automatically link up all of the data found on each individual.

  • This completely automatic aggregation applies to your whole inventory.
  • Let AI assign PII to each individual across all files, emails, DB records.
  • Export and share the rolled-up Person Cards as a simple spreadsheet.

Upload Protector

Automatically detect PII, PCI, and PHI in all files uploaded by your clients.

  • Immediately mask or redact any detected sensitive data with the help of state-of-the-art AI.
  • Use a convenient API to integrate real-time scanning into your workflows.
  • Prove to external and internal auditors that you’re protecting the data of your clients.

Detect PII data in 400+ file formats

PII Tools scans through all the sensitive data, local or cloud-based, structured and unstructured.

Request a complete list

Context-aware AI detectors for GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, KVKK and more.

From people’s faces and passports in images, to passwords, credit cards, home addresses and names, email, telephone, health information, to sexual preferences and political views. In multiple languages.

Each instance of personal data is detected in context and with severity. You can even define your own custom detectors.

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Instant Deployment

Install PII Tools on your own server in 30 minutes, using our PII Tools VMware or Docker image.

Scan & Analyze

Discover personal and sensitive data across your digital assets. In motion or at rest.

Take Action

Review, export, or remediate sensitive data from the Analytics dashboard.

Take control of your company’s personal and sensitive data today

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