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Does your team get tied up tracking down information and chasing people for updates and answers? Umlaut’s software provides your teams with an easy to use document management system that helps keep your projects on track. Digital tools and automated workflows ensure that every construction project can be completed to schedule and that your people have instant access to all of the documents they need, whenever they need them.

Connect all faculties in one system

Eliminate manual documentation processes for good.

Connect all of your departments and allow instant data sharing and collaboration. By seamlessly integrating information flow, our software allows faculties and departments to link student achievement records across a range of subjects.

Important information can be searched for and shared in moments, and Umlaut’s powerful document management capabilities convert raw data into a handy dashboard view of any student or staff member, allowing for less labour intensive monitoring processes across the board.

Staff and student records at your fingertips

Work efficiently at school, at home, or remotely.

Frustrated by repeatedly walking the corridors to conduct fruitless searches among dusty paper archives? You can put those days behind you now! Available either through a browser or by downloading the app, documents can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to access your school records from anywhere.

Documents are easy to search for and find, and administrators can set controls that limit access to documents by folder, file, or specific functions. So the security of your school records will never be in question.

Achieve administrative efficiency at a lower cost

Admin needn’t be a burden on your secretaries and support staff.

What if you could simplify your enrolments, payments, attendance records, and every other school administration task with one user-friendly solution? Well, with our help, you can! Save your staff valuable time and eliminate hours of data entry by utilising easy to populate electronic forms to collect enrolment and scholarship data.

Umlauts’ intuitive software design means no more searching through paper archives, and customisable settings allow for reports and invoices to be automatically routed for approval and action. Plus, effortless integration with your existing software system means your records will always be up to date.

Streamlining school administration

Designed for ease of use with minimal training required, these intuitive solutions for schools can present all the information you need on a single dashboard. With all your data in one place, your staff will spend less time searching, which frees up more valuable time for other tasks.


Automated and fully digitised cloud-based document management systems for efficient data retrieval, workflow management, and end-to-end reporting.

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Discover the power of machine learning with automatic high speed data capture from any form for smarter document management and increased accuracy.

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Harness the power of data and get more insight at a glance with customisable business intelligence dashboards that take the effort out of analysis.

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Eliminate manual processes and streamline document authorisation to get invoices signed faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Umlaut systems integrate seamlessly with your existing software and industry-specific systems to deliver maximum benefits to your school.

See the complete picture

Get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening across the whole school. With up to date information at your fingertips, it’s easy to boost efficiency levels and all departments benefit from effortless electronic records keeping.

Workflow automation that saves you time

Customisable workflow functions allow you to simplify report writing and speed up accounts processing. The straightforward drag and drop design allows for the easy addition and movement of documents, without wasting time sifting through paper archives. The intuitive design pre-populates and validates student information onto reports and supplier details onto invoices to save your staff even more time. Documents can be automatically routed for approval or comment prior to distribution.

Complete control over your records

Document searches are simple to execute and it’s easy to assign individual teacher, department, or school-wide permissions that ensure confidential information like student reports, staff appraisals, and invoices are only able to be viewed, edited, and actioned by authorised team members. Audit trails allow account managers to track who has viewed, edited or sent any document in your library and when. You can even predetermine permissions for the printing, emailing, or editing of documents for ultimate control and maximum security. Audit trails allow account managers to track who has viewed, edited or sent any document in your library, and when. You can even predetermine permissions for the printing, emailing, or editing of documents for ultimate control and maximum security.

Automated compliance and reporting

Spend less time on admin and get back to the business of educating! Auditing can be a stressful process, but Umlaut systems cut through the confusion and help your school comply with the relevant policies, procedure and legislation. Have all of your staff and student records scanned and stored digitally in a logical order ready for quick reference. Attendance certificates, qualification documents, contracts, appraisals and more… all available within a few clicks in the event you need evidence for audit investigations or compliance reviews. Get alerts when licenses are expiring. Create reminders for certification renewals and clearance level reviews for all your on-site staff and contractors. Automatically route documents that need to be approved.

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