Redefine AP processing with TASS

Integrate TASS to make accounts payable automation a reality for your school

Minimise manual processes and increase efficiencies by integrating TASS (the alpha school system) with your document management system. Delivering automation solutions for the education sector, Umlaut leverages the full power of TASS to enable accounts payable automation, customised workflows and streamlined operations.

Automatically extract invoice data, route creditor invoices through a custom approval process and upload the approved invoice data directly into TASS via the TASS API*.

* School needs to have the correct TASS subscription.


Unlocking the power of accounts payable automation for schools of all sizes, Umlaut’s TASS integration solution delivers a host of benefits.

Fewer errors

Reduce the risk of human error by eliminating the need to pass paper around, match invoices to POs or chase down approvals.

Remote access

With AP data available online, easily approve invoices from anywhere via a smartphone to ensure timely payment.

More oversight

Get full access to transaction, liability and supplier data to improve visibility, accountability and decision-making.

Better service

Eliminate the risk of missing or duplicate invoices to deliver a better service and improve relationships with stakeholders.

Faster payments

Speed up the payment cycle, reduce costs and limit the risk of late payment with custom workflows and automatic routing.

Less clutter

Free up valuable physical space, reduce storage costs and more easily search for specific invoices with digital invoicing.

How Umlaut simplifies accounts payable automation

Step one

Document Capture

Invoice data is captured via image scanning, email, or extraction.

Step two

Data Validation

Invoice data is validated and matched before moving to an automated workflow for action.

Step three

Invoice Approval

Invoices are automatically assigned to the correct approver for review and coding.

Step four

Data Migration

Approved invoices are automatically transferred into TASS for payment.

Step five

Storage & Access

Approved invoices are stored in Umlaut’s secure document management system for easy access.

How Umlaut and TASS make school finance easy

Umlaut’s digital solutions can help you leverage the full power of TASS, even beyond accounts payable automation.

Accounts Payable

Staff Onboarding

Enrolment process

Digital signatures

Professional Development

Incident Reporting

Leave Applications

Employee Lifecycle

Employee and HR

Exam Storage

Document Management

Shared folders

Partner with Umlaut to get more from TASS

Experts in data management, Umlaut is ready to work with your school to develop automated solutions to save you time and money. Book a demo to see how you can take full advantage of all the benefits of AP automation by integrating TASS.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is our data stored?

Your data is stored locally, here in Australia. FileBound partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the undisputed Cloud Infrastructure service leader, to deliver secure data storage.

Do you support single sign-on (SSO)?

Yes. Access to FileBound can be secured with multi-factor authentication (MFA), secure sign-on (SSO) and integrates with SAML with no coding.

How long will it take to implement?

We identify your desired go live timeframe and work with you to achieve it, harnessing a structured Project Success framework along the way. We also pair you with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who provides structured meetings throughout the year. Your CSM  provides reporting for key stakeholders and board members and also works with you to identify other automation opportunities for your school.

What if I change my finance system?

No problem. As a cloud-based solution, we can integrate with most systems. This means, whatever system you choose, we can make the solution work for you with minimum fuss.

Do you have ISO 27001 accreditation?

Yes. We have a proactive approach towards information security threats and we adopt best practices to minimise the potential impact on your school.

Do you offer solutions outside of accounts payable automation?

Absolutely. This is one of the key reasons why education institutions choose to work with us.

We use a powerful, ISO 27001 accredited, Document Management Platform (FileBound) to streamline operational processes and significantly reduce the need for printing across the school.

We can automate HR processes (such as staff onboarding), manage student exam storage and retrieval or simply replace cumbersome, paper-based forms with dynamic web-forms. Combined with electronic signatures, it’s easy to automate document approval processes and expedite document signing.

What work is involved by our IT team?

Minimal work is required from your IT Team. All Umlaut solutions are backed by a Managed Service Agreement. We will work with your IT team to ensure the user and security access meets best practice and aligns with your policies. We actively encourage and assist with knowledge transfer to ensure your IT Team can take on Level 1 support queries or liaise with our support team for all queries if that is the preferred support package.

What sort of reporting do you provide?

The Umlaut team has a wealth of experience in creating powerful BI reporting. We work in conjunction with the TASS API’s to build a range of reports. Reach out if you have a specific requirement and we will build it for you.

Do you have multiple approval thresholds?

Yes, we use your approval matrix to determine your approval thresholds.