Migrate all your data to a single datasource

Say goodbye to manual paperwork trails forever with our fully automated digital solution.


Migrate to a more organised system

Do you have cupboards packed with archive boxes and hard drives full of old data and client information? We can fix that! Digitise your data with Migrate’s award-winning software and we’ll get you all set up with a fully digitised library where your data is easily stored, managed and retrieved.

Why your business needs Migrate

Leave your archives in the past

Is there anything more annoying than wasting hours sifting through files and folders for that one elusive document?

Migrate integrates easily with most other software. So when we digitise your documents, we’ll sort and organise them by client and match them with your existing records. The result? One centralised and user-friendly library without you having to lift a finger, with data security safeguarded through our document management system, Connect.

With Migrate, you can ditch all those heavy boxes of paper and dusty hard drives and free up some extra office space at the same time!

Data management made easy

Do you have piles upon piles of paper documents and don't know what to do with them?

Our high-speed scanners can digitise up to 100 documents per minute. So hand over your hard copies, and we’ll organise all of your old records into one simple, centralised data management system. It doesn’t matter where or how your data is stored, or what format it’s in currently. Even if your archives are full of handwritten notes, we can have them digitised and imported in no time.

With Migrate, your document library will be fully digital, and your files will always be easy to retrieve and read.

Security you can trust

Do you have sensitive information in your documents?

Consolidating your old records into digital files in one centralised location means you have complete control over who has access to the data. Client records are encrypted to protect against unauthorised access, and the fully digital process eliminates the potential for accidental loss or damage of records.

Migrate is designed to meet the highest security standards so your clients can trust in the safety of your data storage.

How migrate works

Unlock the benefits, hassle-free.

Complete control over the migration process without the hassle of doing the work yourself. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But we assure you, this is for real! With just a few quick check-ins with you at critical points, we’ll adapt to what your business needs and ensure the migration process goes smoothly.

Do it all with Migrate

Make leaps in efficiency across the board and take your business to the next level. Map out pathways for compliance, quickly retrieve and analyse data, and use business intelligence software for greater insights into your client data so you can advise them better.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Storing hard copies of your records in multiple formats and different locations often leads to data mismatches and gaps in information. Transferring all of your records into a centralized location provides the most reliable source of truth. Migrate makes it easy to see what data you are missing so you can fill in the gaps for a complete picture.

Compliance on Demand

Migrate can quickly import your data for speedy compliance resolutions. Because legal obligations for record-keeping are becoming ever more rigorous, Migrate software is designed to automatically retrieve data from our high-speed scanners, sync it, and flag any anomalies for manual follow up.

Unbeatable Value

97% of the clients we quote find Migrate to be cheaper than having their staff manually transfer data. Plus, it’s not just about building your library, we’re on hand to help you even after your migration is complete. Our customised plans are tailor-made for each client to assure reduced expenses in the long run in addition to short term savings from the migration itself.


Once you've digitised all your documents using Migrate you can seamlessly integrate your data with some of the world’s leading applications to further streamline your business, like these:

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