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Leveraging the expertise of Specialist PMC

Umlaut leads the way in integrating Xplan with a range of automation solutions to unleash the full power of your financial planning and wealth management software. With the acquisition of Xplan consulting firm, Specialist PMC, Umlaut now offers a complete Xplan solution, including customisation, integration, training and ongoing support.

As leaders in digital transformation and automation, Umlaut drives growth and efficiencies by helping businesses take control of data. By integrating Xplan in digital transformation projects, Umlaut gives you access to best-in-breed automation, workflow and document management software for improved visibility and control.

Specialist Xplan Services

Umlaut provides the following dedicated Xplan services to help your business get more from your financial planning and wealth management system.


Tailored Xplan solutions to meet your needs, including coding and wizard development, workflows and CRM configuration.

Xplan Support

Administrative services to support your team, including data entry, data feed administration and CommPay support.


Streamlined solutions to unlock the full power of Xplan, including automation, document management and workflow functionality.


Consulting and training to help you get the most from Xplan, including process efficiency tips, best practice tools and compliance.

Xplan Site Administration

Site administration and operational support including site configuration, user management and help desk support.

Xplan Analysis Service

Full audit of your Xplan solution, including system settings, user modules, advice documents, coded templates and a report.

Benefits of dedicated Xplan support

Guiding you every step of the way, Umlaut’s complete end-to-end Xplan services gives financial advisor, investment and broking firms the exact level of support they need.

One provider. Multiple possibilities.

Forget working with multiple providers to get the most from Xplan - Umlaut can do it all for you. From developing your customised Xplan solution to providing ongoing advice and support, Umlaut guides you the entire way. Offering coding, data feed, full training and site administration support, benefit from having one point of contact for all your Xplan needs.

Bespoke solutions to grow your business

With many years of experience working with IRESS, financial advisors and licensees, Umlaut has the skills and knowledge to develop the right Xplan solution for you. Specialists in creating customised solutions for financial firms of all sizes, Umlaut’s Xplan consultants work with you to identify which Xplan capabilities will yield the best outcome for your firm.

A new level of customer service

Umlaut combines extensive Xplan expertise with a holistic approach to the needs of your firm to provide a new level of customer service. Taking a big picture view of your business, we work with you to get a better understanding of what you need from Xplan, helping us deliver the right level of support before, during and after the rollout of your new solution.

Maximise the full potential of Xplan with customisable software suites from Umlaut

We understand your business. With more than 30 years of experience, we specialise in solutions that make you more productive, save you money, and increase your revenue. You can take all of our software in one easily integrated package, or mix and match the solutions that best suit your needs.

Intelligent document processing

Limit risk, lower costs, reduce exceptions and improve customer satisfaction by harnessing an intelligent document processing solution. Capture unstructured and handwritten data to help your organisation get the edge on your competitors.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Streamline your accounts payable procedures, get approvals faster, and significantly reduce processing times with digitised documentation, customised routing, and automated workflows

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Redact sensitive data

In case of a data breach sensitive information should never be stored historically. Our software effortlessly finds, sorts, classifies, and de-identifies personal information from your documents for complete peace of mind.

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Business intelligence dashboards

Visual analysis of data from every area of your business, Insights business intelligence dashboards enable reliable and informed business decisions so you can grow with confidence.

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Digitise your records

Handover your old paper records and hard drives for Umlaut to digitise, match to your current data systems and flag anomalies and gaps to ensure your business is compliant with current legislation requirements.

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Streamline document approvals, reduce document production costs and enjoy effortless workflow integration as your clients sign important documents with a couple of clicks thanks to DocuSign eSignature.

Partner with Umlaut & Specialist PMC to get more from Xplan

Experts in data management, Umlaut is ready to help your firm get the most from Xplan. Book a demo to see how you can take full advantage of all the benefits of Xplan for your financial advising, investment or broking firm.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you analyse our Xplan site and offer recommendations to increase efficiency?

Our site analysis is ideal for anyone wanting to get more from Xplan. We work with you to understand your business processes and goals. From there, we analyse your current Xplan utilisation to offer recommendations to boost your business efficiency utilising Xplan.

I don't have an advice document on Xplan or the one we have needs amendments. Can you help?

We can help in 2 ways. First, we can design a custom document for your Xplan site to upgrade your existing word template or document. Second, for businesses without an existing advice document, we’ve developed an SOA template that includes Xplan modelling and strategy text options to get you started.

How can I ensure everyone on my site follows the same procedure for efficiency and compliance?

We work with you to create an Xplan workflow process to complement your preferred business process. The workflow procedure operates as a task list and training manual for your team. We can also help you set up the appropriate dashboard widgets and supply management reporting solutions to ensure you're aware of all business operations.

I am having trouble balancing my client portfolio to the provider sites. Can you fix it?

Precise portfolio data is key when preparing advice and reports for customers. With years of  expertise in Iress, we’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses to ensure data accuracy through data feed monitoring and portfolio maintenance.

We need a partner who can provide ongoing Xplan training and support plus understand our business and site configuration. Can you help?

We know that no two firms have the exact same requirements and that no two solutions are identical. That’s why we’ll work with you to design an ongoing support solution to provide the support your team needs, in a way that works for them and your business. Our ongoing support services include help desk support, customised training, site administration, site customisation, user management and more.