Streamline critical processes with intelligent banking and finance automation

Leverage intelligent automation to eliminate manual processes, improve the customer experience, strengthen compliance and gain the edge over the competition.


Drive success with finance automation

Manual processing is no longer fit for purpose in banking and finance. Customer expectations are growing; document volumes are increasing; and compliance requirements are rising - all against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and technological change.

Finance automation, powered by intelligent document processing (IDP), streamlines critical processes to revolutionize banking and finance. Eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, improve accuracy, speed up processing times and maintain compliance with an intelligent solution designed to help your firm succeed in an ever-changing market.


Seamlessly integrate with your existing banking and financial services systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your business operations.


Reduce errors and inconsistencies that often arise from manual data entry, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while avoiding potential penalties.


Get instant access to critical data-driven insights for faster and more informed decision-making, helping your business become more responsive.


Easily adapt to changing business needs and increasing data volume while minimizing the need for additional resources, infrastructure and tech solutions.

How IDP underpins finance automation

Combining industry-leading technology with a user-friendly interface, Hyperscience’s IDP solution makes finance automation a reality - right now. See how machine learning trained 60 document types in 3 months - a feat that a manual approach would take years to achieve.

Automate critical document processing

Harness the power of IDP to streamline processes and automate these labor-intensive tasks

Loan origination

KYC compliance

Account opening

Payment processing

Wealth management

Income verification

Account servicing

Claims processing

Ultimate Guide to

IDP in the finance industry

Trillions of pages move between organizations, customers and partners each year. IDP offers a way to streamline manual processes to keep up with the rising volume of data.

Download this free guide to learn how Hyperscience helps leading firms leverage intelligent document processing systems to get the edge in their market.

IDP solutions for banking and finance automation

Take advantage of our partnership with Hyperscience to revolutionize document processing and automation. Harness the power of machine learning to streamline critical processes to deliver a better client experience and drive greater efficiencies for your organization.

Streamline compliance

Automate legal, financial and regulatory compliance by leveraging AI and ML algorithms to analyze documents and data. Stay on top of KYC compliance and reduce the risk of fraud by ensuring all customer information is always accurate, complete and fully up-to-date.

Access advanced analytics

Harness your full data set to make better and faster decisions with access to advanced analytics and reporting. Quickly gather and analyze data, generate detailed reports and identify potential opportunities and threats thanks to powerful AI and ML algorithms.

Improve responsiveness

Leverage IDP to provide faster access to account information and insights for a better customer experience. Automate wealth management processes to reduce manual data entry, improve accuracy and offer a more responsive and seamless service.

Simplify verification

IDP reduces the time and effort required to verify income information, while also improving accuracy and reducing the risk of fraud. Not only benefit from faster loan processing times and improved compliance but also provide a more seamless customer experience.

Automate workflows

Workflow automation speeds up slow, complex processes while using fewer resources. IDP automates specific workflows (like payment processing and account servicing) to increase organizational visibility, improve data accuracy and free up staff for higher-value work.

Customer experience

Use AI and ML algorithms to analyze customer data and provide personalized responses to streamline and improve the customer experience. Automate customer service interactions to improve responsiveness, increase satisfaction and deliver consistent experiences.

"Working with Umlaut allows us to provide better quality, more compliant advice to more clients than ever"

We’d been crying out for an end-to-end solution that would drive efficiencies with respect to collection of data within our practice for years. Working with Umlaut’s AdvisorForms solution has enabled us to provide a client-friendly and completely tailored means of collecting the information we need, in the way that we want, and provides two-way sync with our existing systems which has ultimately reduced our cost to serve significantly.


Take your firm further with banking and finance automation

Position your banking and finance firm for growth, whatever the future holds, with scalable, flexible and customizable intelligent automation solutions.

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