Advanced data analysis

Transform complex data into visual, actionable intelligence and remain leaps ahead of your competition.


Power your success with automated insights from data

Harness the power of real-time data analysis to make reliable and informed decisions to ensure your business thrives. Ask us about implementing business intelligence reporting dashboards to track performances, spot trends, and give your company a competitive edge.



Gain a clear picture of profitability and adjust your strategic focus based on real-time data insights and business intelligence reporting.



Detailed demographic data is always visible on intelligent dashboards – essential for making informed decisions about your products and services.



Maintain a comprehensive overview of your business at all times, staying ahead of trends, outpacing competitors and offering clients data-driven advice.

Intelligent Analysis

Make the most of all the information coming into your organisation by implementing an intelligent document processing (IDP) solution that uses AI-driven technology and large language models (LLMs) to deliver the data analysis you need in a flash. It will save your staff from spending hours making sense of spreadsheets.

Enhanced decision-making

Visual representations of real-time data across various sectors enable portfolio managers, operations managers, data analysts, administration officers, supply chain managers and HR officers to make informed, strategic decisions.


Business intelligence dashboards streamline processes by bringing all data together in one place. Save time and energy in data management and analysis, and increase overall efficiency.


Automated data insights provide comprehensive views of key metrics, allowing users to understand demographics, monitor team performance and track market trends. This leads to more targeted and effective strategies across a diverse range of industries.

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Industry snapshot: why choose Umlaut’s automated data insights?

Umlaut’s data analysis solutions offer visual reporting and intelligent data processing, enabling tailored planning, efficient risk assessment and strategic decision-making across a wide range of industries.

Wealth Management

Our visual reporting tools give portfolio managers and financial analysts access to portfolio performance and deep insight into client demographics for tailored planning. We show you how to easily highlight exceptions and remove compliance issues.

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Embrace our intelligent data processing solutions to evaluate portfolio performances, optimise asset allocation and identify market trends. Leverage visual reporting for swift, comprehensive analysis of complex financial data and implement AI technology to highlight exceptions and rectify potential compliance obstacles.

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Our data analysis tools empower banking professionals to monitor transaction volumes and customer interactions through intuitive dashboards. Credit analysts can efficiently assess borrower data and credit risk, as well as identify exceptions and mitigate compliance risks.

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Umlaut can help insurance professionals more easily track policy uptakes, claims and customer demographics, which in turn informs strategic product development. Insurance brokers can leverage these insights to understand policyholder behaviour and preferences.

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Alongside the Umlaut team, implement the strategies you need to safeguard project details and protect staff and contractors’ financial data and sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and bolstering overall security and project success.

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Our data analysis solutions aid educational administrators in monitoring enrolment, student performance and financial statistics, which facilitates resource allocation.

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Transport and logistics

Supply chain managers and other transport and logistics professionals can monitor inventory, transportation efficiency and supply-demand dynamics through our intelligent dashboards. This enables proactive management and a quick response to logistical disruptions.

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