Financial document management

Automatically sync the financial documents from your SharePoint and OneDrive desktop folders to Xplan.


Simple, secure and integrated financial document management

We all use file management systems like SharePoint and One Drive to store and share digital files for work and for fun. Connect easily and securely integrates your financial advisory business and client files with Xplan & your SharePoint or OneDrive through Umlauts custom App.

Why your business needs Connect

Drag and drop multiple files

Connect integrates with your existing SharePoint & OneDrive accounts. Umlaut will replicate your client folders from Xplan and allow you drag and drop the files into the appropriate client folder. Your DocTypes & categories will also sync allowing a seamless process of creating doc notes with multiple files without double handling. You can drag and drop your emails straight from Outlook. Easily update the file notes with the dozens of emails you have sitting in client folders. It’s purpose built to securely integrate your files, using a the identical structure you are use to seeing in Xplan.

Easy-to-use mapping data technology

Once you’ve saved your file (or multiple files) to the client’s folder and doc types, the connector takes care of the rest. You can update index fields in SharePoint such as Subject and Document Date and the connector will update Xplan for you. If you update this information in Xplan , it will update your SharePoint. It’s so simple and easy-to-use and it’ll save you significant time.

Auto-sync to Xplan

Connect automatically syncs the financial documents from your SharePoint and OneDrive desktop folders to Xplan. The software automatically associates the documents with the correct client and document categories and Xplan can access the information within them to perform sophisticated data analysis to support your advising research. We can integrate the Connect App to our Insight Platform to assist with all KYC reporting.

How Connect works

Seamless integration from your desktop to Xplan

An easy and intuitive process, Connect reduces administration, saves you time and maximises the potential of Xplan for your financial advisory. It’s the financial document management system your business can’t do without.

Process with efficiency thanks to Connect

We all know time is money, and inefficient processes lead to huge human resource costs. Poor document filing wastes hours in searching for, or replacing, files. In busy financial planning firms, there’s never enough time. So Connect was created to lighten the load. It integrates documents with Xplan efficiently, securely and accurately, freeing your team up to focus on delivering better financial advice to more customers.

Familiar and intuitive

The document management environment is familiar and has been custom created to integrate specifically with Xplan. Intuitive user experience and operation means that it’s easy to use and the team will be able to operate the software with little need for training or support.

Essential security for data protection

There are no additional layers of security to stay up at night thinking about. Connect utilises your existing security from Microsoft & Xplan and creates a secure link between the two. With Connect you take control of your data; it is always yours and it is in your Microsoft folders. Umlaut Connect provides plugins such as DocuSign and for Redact to remove your risk and adhere to regulators compliance. Your customers expect nothing less than the highest level of security, and that’s exactly what Connect delivers.

Maximising the full potential of Xplan

Financial advisory firms of all sizes rely on Xplan to deliver a complete and compliant financial advice service. Connect maximises the effectiveness of Xplan by providing financial document management and processing in bulk. Together, Xplan and Connect reduce administration and help you deliver high impact financial advice.


Connect seamlessly integrates with some of the world’s leading applications to further streamline your business, like these:

Did you know...

It costs


to file a document *

It costs


to find a misfiled document *

It costs


to reproduce a lost document *

* PricewaterhouseCoopers | US dollars

Pricing – Its Easy

A simple and affordable solution to protect your data whilst gaining compliance with ASIC.

Setup fee



Connect your Xplan with your Microsoft account

Create your new document library and sync a folder structure mirrored with your Xplan

Small Practice

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Up to 10 users

Up to 100,000 Documents

Large Practice

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