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Automatic high speed data capture from any form for smarter document management and increased accuracy.

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A better way of doing business

Bogged down with time-consuming manual data entry?

Discover the power of machine learning with automated data management. Streamline complex processes and increase productivity by automatically extracting the key details you need from your documents.

Why your business needs Hyperscience

Smarter document management

Get the information you need, when you need it.

No need to sift through multiple pages to extract the data points you are looking for. Hyperscience applies powerful machine learning tools that ignore unnecessary fields and descriptions. So you get only the data you need, without any of the distractions.

Hyperscience can use your entire document library to pull metrics on any area of your business, allowing you to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for development.

Time-Saving Convenience

Do long or difficult-to-read documents take up too much of your time?

With Hyperscience you can collect information quickly, easily, and with a much higher degree of accuracy - without the wasted man-hours.

Hyperscience can extract information from virtually any document format including handwritten pages, emails, faxes, PDFs, images, invoices, and forms. Even if your documents are handwritten or in poor condition, our software can identify and pull out the information you need.

Automated workflows and compliance

Complete control and effortless oversight.

Set your own limits for what you want the technology to do, and how much staff input you want. Whatever you decide, Hyperscience will run consistent quality assurance checks on both the software and human processes to ensure optimum efficiency and compliance.

You can customise the Hyperscience processes to mould into your existing procedures, configure accuracy thresholds, automatically alert team members when action is needed, and manage quality assurance capabilities with confidence.

How Hyperscience works

Join the data science revolution

Hyperscience is the world's leading input-to-outcome automation platform. Utilising machine learning technology, Hyperscience software can fully automate data entry, information extraction, and analysis. Less time on admin means more time for your staff to concentrate on more important business functions.

KYC Income Verification Demo using Hyperscience

In this demo we look at an income validation workflow that could be part of a KYC process using the Hyperscience platform. In this instance, possibly mortgage package submission. Here we use the usual Hyperscience automation around classification, identification for semi-structured and transcription. We then validate those documents.

How to redact a Tax File Number using Hyperscience

There are times you need to collect tax file numbers, credit card details, and bank details etc., from your clients. But the more data you have, the more risks you face from hacking scams and other security breaches that could lead to data disclosure. In this video we will demonstrate how you can use Hyperscience to find and redact tax file numbers automatically.

Hyperscience Success Stories

With trillions of pages moving between organisations, their customers and their partners each year, it is more crucial than ever before that businesses implement an Intelligent Document Processing solution to streamline manual processes, keep up with customer needs, and stay ahead of the competition. From

Download our guide to see how we've helped leading firms leverage intelligent document processing systems.

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Power up your business with hyperscience

Business success is reliant on having up to date information. Yet, all too often, important data lies hidden in old documents or gets skewed by human input errors. Automated, accurate, and complete data sets provide the winning formula to innovation, better decision making, and the development of your products and services.

Full Speed Ahead

Provide a faster and more efficient flow of information to everyone involved in your business. Hyperscience can help you save valuable time, money, and resources across the board. The neural networks of our software are designed to do everything a human can…just faster, and with fewer errors.

Client Management

Whether it’s onboarding a new customer or managing their accounts, you can provide much better customer service by cutting out unnecessary administrative tasks. Automated processes mean less time spent on paper shuffling and more time dedicated to serving your clients’ needs.

Optimum Efficiency

Because you have the power to trigger human input only when required, you can automate many of your internal processes and eliminate time wasted on data entry procedures. Use Hyperscience to manage customer account data, HR forms, and classify your email or mailroom documents as they come in.


Hyperscience seamlessly integrates with some of the world’s leading applications to further streamline your business, like these:


Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Processing Datasheet

Find out how intelligent automation is used to reduce costs, mitigate loss risks, and stay competitive with the competition. Outdated, manual approaches to handling claims and assessing losses are inefficient, slow, and error-prone, which impedes insurers from responding to customers quickly and effectively.

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5 Ways Hyperscience Unravels the Human in Every Document

Businesses today use many well known legacy technologies for data extraction within their back offices. The problem with many of these tools is that they cannot reliably identify, read and transcribe diverse layouts, text inputs and real-world degradations. Get the datasheet to see how Hyperscience handles real world documents.

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Skyrocket your business to success with Hyperscience

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