Scale your financial firm with Xplan integrations

Xplan delivers complete, comprehensive, and compliant financial planning and wealth management software for firms of all sizes. Integrate Xplan with Umlaut’s suite of software solutions to streamline document management, save on time, simplify your administration processes, minimise risk, and develop more cost-effective revenue streams.

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Effortless client data capture

Automated data capture makes lengthy admin procedures a thing of the past. Cut down on laborious manual data entry processes, eliminate transcription errors, and achieve faster turnaround times on document processing and sign-offs.

Automated workflows

Say goodbye to manual paper trails, get approvals faster, and track progress more efficiently. Create customised workflows that route documents directly to the right department and person, and set rules to control the flow of confidential records.

Easily sync your documents

Give your teams access to the data they need, when they need it. Fully digital records in one cloud-based central storage system makes access and tracking easy, and ensures that staff are always working with the most up-to-date documentation.

Simple, secure, and cohesive document management

Get yourself connected! Use Umlaut’s Connect with Xplan to view, update, and safeguard your firm’s data and client records.

Connect maximises the effectiveness of Xplan by making real-time data and up-to-date records available to all approved employees. At any time, from anywhere. Our systems are available either through a browser or by downloading the app and can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll always be able to access and share your documents.

Maximise the full potential of your business with customisable software suites form Umlaut

Financial firms of all sizes rely on Xplan to deliver a complete and compliant financial advice service. Connect maximises the effectiveness of Xplan by providing financial document management and processing in bulk.

Data collection with eForms

Effortlessly record and sync your client data with your System of Record. AdvisorForms eliminate manual data entry, human error, and the endless paper chases that distract your staff from more business-critical tasks.

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Capture handwritten forms

Get faster access to more accurate and complete data by automatically extracting the details you need from your handwritten documents. Hyperscience automatically captures data from any form, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Sync documents with Xplan

Find, transfer, and save information easily, all in one seamless and comprehensive system. Connect maximises the effectiveness of Xplan by providing financial document management and processing for firms of all sizes in bulk.

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Digitise your records

Our high-speed scanners can digitise up to 100 documents per minute and organise all of your old records into one simple, centralised data management system. No more lost or damaged documents, and records are encrypted for maximum data security.

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Financial Guides

How to migrate your historical paper records into Xplan in 8 easy steps

If you're anything like our clients, the threat of an audit is never far from mind. What would you do if that happened? What if it was at your busiest time of year, could you spare the manpower? In this free guide, we show you how to migrate all your data to Xplan in 8 simple steps. Just click the link below.

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How to automate your financial firm and reduce costs by 43.8%

Financial services is a tough industry right now. Costs and compliance demands are only increasing. You need a clear roadmap for reducing business costs, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance. In this free guide we will take you step by step through how to automate your business and become more profitable.

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Xplan Integration - A Game Changer

Integrating Umlaut systems with Xplan provides your firm with competitive advantages to drive your business forward. Easy document storage, retrieval, and transfer capabilities combined with the power of big data analysis and insights allow you to advice your clients better than ever before, while simultaneously mapping out automated processes for ASIC compliance.

Umlaut systems integrate seamlessly with Xplan to bring maximum benefits with zero hassle.

Generate custom digital Fact Finds and prefill client data from XPLAN

Automatically process handwritten forms with 99.5% accuracy

Using state-of-the-art machine learning technology we can process 94% of your handwritten documents at a 99.5% accuracy rate with a 90% reduction on the normal cost. The software's neural networks are designed to do everything a human can… just faster and with fewer errors. By automating data entry, information extraction, and analysis, you waste fewer resources on manual tasks and free up more time to get back to the business of advising.

Capture missing client data with simple eforms and automatic reminders

Keep your document library up to date at all times with complete end-to-end insight. Make form filling a one-time experience for your clients, and stop wasting hours of unproductive employee time on lengthy and expensive reviews, edits, or renewals. Our software solutions provide automated workflows, automatic reminders, and are programmed to flag anomalies and incomplete fields for effortless completion and compliance.

Easily sync your client documents from your computer into Xplan

It’s time to revolutionise your day-to-day document management processes. Say goodbye to tedious file management and expensive gaps and admin errors in your System of Record. Complete with email and Microsoft integration, Connect syncs all of your client records into one simple system that allows you to collaborate, create, and edit your documents online. Make comments, track changes, and move files around using our foolproof drag and drop system for enhanced transparency, accuracy, and compliance reporting.

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Transform your business with Xplan integration from Umlaut

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