Easy Automotive Deal Packs

Transform automotive dealer operations through superior work management using Auto-IT

Automotive dealers are high volume document users, with each new vehicle sale generating many documents through their customer lifecycle. The problems associated with high document volumes are amplified when the dealer has multiple locations with staff in each location needing to access critical information.

The good news for automotive dealers is that modern technologies can transform their business processes. Utilising cloud and mobile technologies, a dealership can now access their critical documents from any geographic location on the device of their choice.

Take deal packs for example. With Umlaut's innovative work management solution, dealership team members can simply go to any multifunction device and scan the deal packs into our cloud solution. Within minutes these documents are securely available from any device, from any geographic location.

This diagram shows how the full solution works;

Partnering with Auto-IT, Umlaut takes this one step further by sending across the deal pack file link, which is stored against the deal within Auto-IT. This means when the user has the deal open in Auto-IT, they simply click the deal pack link, which will automatically open FileBound and take them directly to the related deal pack, making retrieval even easier.


Whether part of a broad-ranging information management initiative or a localised project-based one, Umlaut & Auto-IT help streamline processes for your organisation to save time, reduce costs and boost efficiency:

Remove bottlenecks

Save time and improve efficiency by managing documents in a single unified platform. Connect your systems to streamline processes and remove bottlenecks.

Automate workflows

Umlaut’s automated workflow ability saves time, enables consistency across sites and creates efficiencies so staff spend less time on admin and more time with customers.

Increased visibility

Advanced analytics expose data about transaction volumes, financial liabilities and vendor interactions to identify areas for improvement and assist with decision making.

Improve service

Eliminate missing and duplicate invoices that lead to missed, late or duplicate payments. The result: happier suppliers, happier team members and fewer service calls.

Reduce costs and delays

Invoices enter Umlaut's software are routed automatically, and are accessible from anywhere, reducing resource costs and eliminating the need to manage paper files.

Free up space

Umlaut takes the paper out of your office, freeing up valuable physical space by storing documents electronically and reducing the costs of moving, filing, securing and storing paper.

Integrate Auto-IT with your document management system

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