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Gain complete control over your admin processes with our fully digitised suite of services. We’ll help you modernise, ensure compliance, and save valuable time.


Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

With the right systems, technology, and processes in place, scaling your financial firm has never been easier. Our finance and banking solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing software for ultimate efficiency and ease of use. Improved data handling, increased accuracy, faster turnaround times, and automated workflows are just a few of the benefits our software provides.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficiency

Make handwritten forms, transcription errors and lengthy wait times a thing of the past.

Our powerful AdvisorForms and Hyperscience solutions capture and sync data from any form in one streamlined process. With Umlaut, there’s no need to waste hours on data entry, pass documents around various departments, or send follow up emails chasing people for signatures. That’s all automated. Not only does this save a heap of time and resources internally, but it significantly shortens the onboarding process for your clients.

Effortless compliance in just a few clicks

Paper-based systems and outdated admin procedures are bad news for compliance. Fact!

Imagine never needing to stress about an audit again! Our intelligent software programs digitise all your existing client records and run quality checks on new applications to ensure your KYC documentation meets the required standards. Plus, with centralised storage and file transfer capabilities, you’ll never be left scrambling to find the right accounts or paperwork. You’ll have everything you need at the touch of a button.

Automatically route documents for approval

Eliminate manual paper trails. Do away with unclear administrative processes. Get approvals faster.

FileBound workflow software captures and records information in one smooth process to ensure jobs move more efficiently through your business. Collect information automatically from your incoming emails, create customised workflows that route documents directly to the right person, and set rules to identify or isolate sensitive documents.

Simple, secure, and cohesive document management

Get yourself connected! Use Connect to view, update, and safeguard your firm’s data and client records. Anywhere. Any time. On any internet-enabled device.

Access your files in the office, at home, or on the road. Connect maximises the effectiveness of Xplan by storing digital records in one central cloud-based location for easy access and tracking. Our systems are available either through a browser or by downloading the app, and can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. So as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll always be able to upload, access and share your documents.

Maximise the full potential of your business with customisable software suites from Umlaut

We understand your business. With more than 30 years of experience, we specialise in solutions that make you more productive, save you money, and increase your revenue. You can take all of our software in one easily integrated package, or mix and match the solutions that best suit your needs.

Data collection with eForms

Effortlessly record and sync your client data with your System of Record. AdvisorForms eliminate manual data entry, human error, and the endless paper chases that distract your staff from more business-critical tasks.

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Business intelligence dashboards

Visual analysis of data from every area of your business, Insights business intelligence dashboards enable reliable and informed business decisions so you can grow with confidence.

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Xplan Training & Consulting

Guiding you every step of the way, Umlaut’s complete end-to-end Xplan services gives financial advisor, investment and broking firms the exact level of support they need.

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Capture handwritten forms

Get faster access to more accurate and complete data by automatically extracting the details you need from your handwritten documents. Hyperscience automatically captures data from any form, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Sync documents with Xplan

Find, transfer, and save information easily, all in one seamless and comprehensive system. Connect maximises the effectiveness of Xplan by providing financial document management and processing for firms of all sizes in bulk.

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Digitise your records

Our high-speed scanners can digitise up to 100 documents per minute and organise all of your old records into one simple, centralised data management system. No more lost or damaged documents, and records are encrypted for maximum data security.

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Financial Services Solutions Guide

We supercharge your financial advisory firm’s success by helping you take control of your data, improve your processes and ensure you’re ready for the future. Thanks to a combination of strategic advice and a suite of exceptional tools, your business will be set up for growth in a heartbeat.

Download our financial services solution guide to see how our products can help your business reduce the cost of delivering advise and become an industry leader.

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Umlaut systems integrate seamlessly with your existing software to bring maximum benefits with zero hassle and minimal disruption.

Transform how you do business

Improve customer & stakeholder satisfaction

Want to save time, money, resources, while simultaneously improving client and stakeholder service levels?

Work smarter, not harder. Cloud-based collaboration and automated workflows allow for quicker turnaround times, less confusion, and shorter onboarding processes. Customisable interfaces enable you to set notifications so that no task can be forgotten or omitted. Plus, you can hone in on key stages of each project and keep your stakeholders up to date with transparent and real-time data.

Organisation-wide visuals in real-time

Do you hate sifting through multiple folders to find the information you need only to spend hours trying to pull it all into a report that makes sense?

Our business intelligence dashboards do that for you, so now you won’t have to! Gain insights and make connections with your data at a level you’ve never been able to before. With visual representations of real-time data across your whole organisation, you can break down key metrics by employee, team, client, or service and convert them into easy to understand reports and displays.

Uncover hidden opportunities

How do you plan for the future without a clear picture of where you are now?

Take advantage of advanced analytic tools to run complex searches across all of your data. Find hidden relationships and compile profitability reports easily, no matter where your data is stored. With the right information at your fingertips, you can make reliable and informed decisions that will drive your firm forward and leave the competition in your wake.

Financial Guides

How to migrate your historical paper records into Xplan in 8 easy steps

If you're anything like our clients, the threat of an audit is never far from mind. What would you do if that happened? What if it was at your busiest time of year, could you spare the manpower? In this free guide, we show you how to migrate all your data to Xplan in 8 simple steps. Just click the link below.

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How to automate your financial firm and reduce costs by 43.8%

Financial services is a tough industry right now. Costs and compliance demands are only increasing. You need a clear roadmap for reducing business costs, increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance. In this free guide we will take you step by step through how to automate your business and become more profitable.

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"Working with Umlaut allows us to provide better quality, more compliant advice to more clients than ever"

We’d been crying out for an end-to-end solution that would drive efficiencies with respect to collection of data within our practice for years. Working with Umlaut’s AdvisorForms solution has enabled us to provide a client-friendly and completely tailored means of collecting the information we need, in the way that we want, and provides two-way sync with our existing systems which has ultimately reduced our cost to serve significantly.


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