Streamline your construction processes

With accessible documentation available remotely and on the go, project management is a whole heap easier.


Construction Teams

Does your team get tied up tracking down information and chasing people for updates and answers? Umlaut’s software provides your teams with an easy to use document management system that helps keep your projects on track. Digital tools and automated workflows ensure that every construction project can be completed to schedule and that your people have instant access to all of the documents they need, whenever they need them.

Access your documents anywhere

Work efficiently on-site, at home, or on the road.

No more waiting around for sign-offs and progress reports. With unique responsive design components, project stakeholders can easily review information and make decisions that keep your jobs on schedule.

Umlaut’s systems are available either through a browser or by downloading the app, and can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll always be able to access your documents.

Build better stakeholder relationship

Reliable records that build trust and achieve compliance.

We keep all of your critical project documents in one centralised location, so it’s easy for everyone to stay updated, collaborate, and communicate about projects and deadlines.

Workflow automation tools mean no task is omitted or forgotten. Admins can create business rules that flag important documents for review and approval. You can also customise your account to hone in on key stages of each project, prompting mandatory testing and certification checks which enhance compliance overall.

Say goodbye to flimsy paper records

No more lost or damaged paperwork.

Wouldn’t it be great never to have to chase or replace a document again? Umlaut software ensures every document in your system is digitised and electronically tracked. Physical records are easy to scan in, eliminating the need for stakeholders or site workers to print or fax forms, or carry around paper copies. Construction plans, contracts, emails, and forms, all available within a few clicks.

Save time, money, resources, and demonstrate environmentally responsible at the same time. Umlaut’s simple and streamlined system allows access to your digital documents instantly from anywhere, without the paper trail.

Simplify construction processes

Combining digital imaging solutions with workflow automation, seamless software integration and an easy-access electronic records management system, Umlaut transforms the construction process and increases project oversight.

Accounts Payable

Integrate FileBound with your accounting system to reduce the time and resources needed to manage invoice payments.

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Contract Management

Scan documents, create automated workflows and access contract data in a single location to easily manage vendors & contracts.


Use FileBound to ensure all staff and contractors have the required clearances to work on-site in real-time to maintain full compliance.

Project Management

Stay on schedule by accessing project information instantly wherever you are, eliminating the need to store or refer to physical records.


Umlaut systems integrate seamlessly with your existing software and industry-specific systems to deliver maximum benefits to your construction business.

See the complete picture

Get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on every project at each stage of construction. Plus, with Umlaut systems in use across your organisation, all departments will benefit from our effortless electronic records management system.

Increase productivity

How much time does your team waste entering project details and documents into your database manually? Let us help you eliminate the need for data entry by digitally scanning all invoices and documents that pass through your business. The intuitive design pre-populates and validates critical information on contracts, invoices, and work orders to save your staff even more time.

Effortless document security

Document searches are simple to execute and it’s easy to assign individual, group, or system-wide permissions that ensure confidential information like contracts and invoices are only able to be viewed, edited, and actioned by authorised personnel. Audit trails allow account managers to track who has viewed, edited or sent any document in your library, and when. You can even predetermine permissions for the printing, emailing, or editing of documents for ultimate control and maximum security.

Painless compliance reporting

Take the headache out of achieving compliance on your construction projects and save time while you’re at it. Build custom automated workflows that streamline your processes and embed end-to-end compliance checks at every level of operation. Get alerts when licenses are expiring. Create reminders for certification renewals and clearance level reviews for all your on-site staff and contractors. Automatically route documents that need to be approved.

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