How Xplan Keeps Financial Advisors Connected to Clients.

By Scott Brewster

Operating a financial planning business has evolved in recent years, and staying connected with your client base is more important than ever. Xplan provides a seamless way to maintain client connections, regardless of whether you choose face-to-face, remote, or a combination of both methods.

How Financial Advisors Adapted to Changing Times

In the past few years, financial planning practices have had to adapt to changing client preferences and requirements. While some clients still prefer in-person appointments, an increasing number prefer remote or hybrid options. Financial advisors have turned to Xplan software to bridge this gap and continue providing valuable advice to their clients.

Enhance Client Connectivity with Xplan Features

Client Portal

The Client Portal in Xplan allows clients to access their information safely, securely, and reliably. They can view financial statements, insurance certificates, or even just a portfolio balance. As an Xplan user, you can offer your clients the convenience of the Client Portal at no additional cost.

Online Client Fact Finding

First impressions are crucial. A smooth onboarding process is essential for impressing financial advisory clients. By using an eForm system like AdvisorTools, you can streamline the onboarding process, saving hours of manual data entry work. This allows you to focus on providing value during your initial meetings.

Digital Signatures

Completing documentation with digital signatures can help you stay connected with clients and enhance efficiency. Most investment platforms and superannuation companies now accept digital signatures, making the process more accessible. The Client Portal and tools like DocuSign offer the functionality to complete signatures regardless of your clients' location.

Xplan: The Ultimate Solution for a Thriving Financial Planning Business

Xplan offers a flexible, tailored solution to help you build a thriving financial planning business, even with clients in various locations. Its unrivaled functionality and integration capabilities make it the perfect platform for your practice. Xplan enables you to:

  • Create and review portfolios
  • Effortlessly compose compliance documents
  • Access integration of data feeds directly onto the platform
  • Develop and analyze strategies for every client scope
  • Identify business opportunities across your client database
  • Seamlessly connect with clients and build efficiencies throughout the entire advice process

With the best financial planning software at your disposal, you can offer a more efficient and effective service to your clients and staff.

Let Umlaut Solutions Support Your Xplan Needs

As a financial advisor in the UK, you can benefit from our expertise in delivering tailored Xplan solutions to businesses like yours. Contact us at Umlaut Solutions to learn how we can help you optimize your processes and better connect with clients in today's ever-changing landscape.

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